Evan & Kaisar

Every project has a story to tell.
What's yours?

Every project has a story to tell.
What's yours?

What makes us Who we are

A delicious and modern mix of French savoir-vivre with a Latin zest.

You just came up with this new idea.
You know it in your heart, it's so good, so unique...
You can't wait to share it with the world. But...


It doesn't matter how much you try...
It always feels like nobody listens to you. Like nobody cares.
If only somebody could see what you see.


That's where we strive.
We're here to listen to you. To believe in you.
And to share your passion and your love with the world.

Every project has a story to tell. We help you find yours. Then we make it happen.






Save money, time and resources.

  • No pointless intermediaries.
    Instead of going through a creative agency first and then to a production company, we offer you the possibility of creating, filming and sharing your project with a single creative team who will care for your project from Inception to delivery.
  • Get the best out of your budget.
    If you believe in your project, we believe in it too, and we want to help you make it happen. We strive in finding solutions for every project and every budget. Just tell us what you want and desire, We'll make it happen.

Feel relieved

Sometimes you know what you want but you don't know how to get there. We bring you that peace of mind.

  • First, we focus on fully understanding your needs and desires.
  • Second, we focus on fully understanding your market and your consumers.
Because what your consumers actually need and want, is the true key to your success.

Give your audience what they want

To shape your strategy, we have perfectioned a series of proven techniques for you to:

  • Capture the attention of your audience
  • Arouse their interest
  • Appeal their senses
And we'll explain you exactly the science behind each of them.

Witness your project come to life

This part gets very exhilarating, specially the first time.

  • Filming
We set up the lights, we turn on the cameras and for the first time, you’ll see everything you had in mind come to life.

That’s magic.

  • Certainty
But which is more, you’ll feel the peace of mind and the conviction that you’re heading the right direction.

That’s priceless.

Unleash your imagination

  • Set it free!
    From the streets of a vast futuristic city to a dragon’s nest on a mountain’s peak, your imagination has no limit and our visual effects are limitless.
  • The French touch
    Our VFX leaders, Julien & Cristophe bring to you all the French savoir faire directly from Paris/France where our big computers are located, along with an incredible portfolio worth of international recognition.
    We love working with them. You'll love them too.

Now you're ready!

  • After working with us
    You feel a hundred percent confident. Your project not only fulfills all your needs and desires, it is actually designed to fulfil each of your customers' needs and desires as well.
  • And beyond
    We believe it is our moral duty to accompany you until your project is safely and properly delivered. We’ll help you navigate the waters of online distribution and make sure your story lands exactly where it was intended to shine.
  • U.S: +1 818.844.7506
  • France: +33 1 81 29 64 93

Every project has a story to tell


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